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Online Access - Client Connect

ClientConnect provides live reports so you are never unaware of your accounts' status. Please click the "Client Connect" button or click here to access and place new accounts.

By removing the walls between our work and our clients, we have created a system that is transparent for the purpose of accountability. Our clients are able to view, track and correspond with collectors via our ClientConnect technology. This eliminates the guess work typically associated with client communication and guarantees a level of trust and accountability, unparalleled.

Other agencies have probably promised several times that you will be able to "watch" your accounts being worked online. This is another example of overselling. While a few agencies have the ability to do this, even fewer follow through with their guarantees. With IRG's web-based technology, ClientConnect, you have the ability to log in and view your accounts in real-time, whether it be at the office, traveling, or at home. Simply log on, click on ClientConnect, and you are on your way. A log-in ID and a password will be included with every placement confirmation letter reminding you of this ability and providing the information necessary to view your accounts. We want you to track our progress, unencumbered, and encourage you to submit notes to the individual collectors if more information comes to light. There should be no walls between our work and our clients. IRG built this system on that premise. Clients pay for our services and should be witness to our success and hard work.