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Financial Investigative Services

International Recovery Group arms you with the information you need to make sound, informed financial decisions for your business. Far too often, companies rely on the data provided to them by their customers without attempting to corroborate their claims of financial strength. An independent review is often an essential requirement to determine the appropriate course of action. Whether an investigation is needed as a pre-credit tool for large accounts or as a decision making tool when these accounts sour, IRG has a cost-effective solution just for you.

The credit approval process should be fiscally continual. How many customers do you have on credit terms who haven't supplied updated credit information in more than two years? Today's economy is in a rapid state of change. Information is power. Harnessing this power is what allows IRG's clients to evolve at the speed of business. As the foremost collection agency, International Recovery Group is committed not only to collecting your bad debt, but also helping you on the front end so you will need us less and less.

IRG provides:

    Limited Asset & Liability Investigations — This report provides a search of state bankruptcy records, secretary of state filings & standings and a dossier of civil and/or criminal records. In addition, you will receive an informed summary of the subject's credit profile and a search of tax liens and judgments.

    Exhaustive Asset & Liability Investigations — In this report you will receive all of the benefits of the Limited Background Report on a national level, plus UCC filings, real property searches and a more detailed & constructive analysis of the business/proprietor's dealings and financial strength.

    Chain of Title An essential component in an real estate transaction, this report identifies previous owners and leases and assists in locating potentially responsible parties.

    Skip Tracing An extensive report designed to profile past and present addresses of residences or businesses and their principles. These reports may provide up to 15 years of history for the assigned subject and will include information about neighboring homes and businesses for the available time frame.

Contact your representative today to see what IRG can do for you. The future of your business depends on it.