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International Collections

International recovery has always been an area in which the collections industry lacked resources. Many agencies will claim to have the resources necessary to effect collections throughout the world. The reality is that most cannot respectfully represent your interests outside of the United States.

While the international market presents enormous growth opportunities for U.S. businesses, it has made the credit granting process more complex and difficult. Granting credit to a foreign business entity requires a credit manager that is capable of dealing with currency fluctuations, various credit reporting formats, different forms of business organizations, and foreign government trade requirements or restrictions.

International Recovery Group, the innovator in commercial debt recovery, understands and can assist you in dealing with international credit and collections. The world economy operates quite differently than we are accustomed to in the U.S. Our collection analysts and field investigators have experience in obtaining credit and financial information for foreign entities and respect the cultural differences that govern the world economy.

If you are expanding your sales effort to foreign countries, or if you are experiencing trouble collecting money from international businesses, we can help.

IRG is unparalleled:

  • The world clock is not the same — At IRG, our investigators recognize this and contact your debtors on their time. If an agency works U.S. hours, it is highly unlikely that they will be successful collecting paper that is 12 hours ahead of them.
  • Language barriers — Generally, international debtors do not speak English and rely on our ability to effectively communicate in their native language. IRG has access to translators who can interpret over 125 languages and the specific dialects that fall within those languages. Often times these different speech communities vary greatly from one another, although they are based on the same language. For example, in Pakistan only 48% of the people have one common language, Punjabi. The remaining are broken down to more than 8 other dialects which can cause confusion without the adequate resources.
  • Relationships with foreign embassies — IRG can file a complaint on your behalf and use this as leverage while the account is being resolved. The U.S. is a very powerful ally in the world economy. When complaint is filed with the embassy, a copy of the complaint is sent to your debtor the same day via fax or air mail.
  • Network of International Agencies — In some cases it is necessary to have strong partners who are in your debtor's country. Does your current agency or attorney have the resources and knowledge of international law to successfully represent your interests?