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Accounts Updates & Client Communication

How often have you placed an account with an agency who promised to be the best and never called you back? Often times, other agencies train the sales representatives to get the business at whatever cost. This means overselling the services that they can provide. When you are not kept up to date on the status of your accounts, it generally means that they have nothing "good" to tell you or are embarrassed that the service was oversold.

Another complaint that is often heard is that agencies keep accounts "active" too long and are hoping for a miracle that will aid them in recovery. Decisions must be made quickly to maximize return. At IRG, your accounts will be analyzed bi-weekly to ensure that we are doing everything possible to maximize recovery. By identifying those accounts that typically remain "active" too long at other agencies, we will be more able to provide you with alternative solutions before the account is unrecoverable. Pride often gets in the way of making decisions that are right for the customer. Our job is to not only recover quickly but also to provide an informed opinion so all options may be considered whether or not the correct solution involves IRG.

A common problem you may have experienced with other agencies is the seemingly constant rotation of new client representatives. IRG understands the importance of having a primary, stable contact. In conjunction with IRG's ClientConnect, we ensure an uninterrupted pipeline of communication between our clients and their specific account representative. Gone are the days of receiving of a call from a new account representative each month.

At IRG we believe "Information is Power". By keeping you up to date with regular phone calls and/or e-mails you will always know the status of your accounts. On-going education is a key part to any profession. IRG will work with you and your staff to develop credit policies and procedures that will maximize total recovery. Without learning from past mistakes, they are bound to be repeated. By analyzing these mistakes of the past, we will be able to implement front-end procedures that will make similar accounts more collectable in the future. We are looking for mutually beneficial relationships where we are not just an asset in recovering past due monies, but a resource to improve internal operations.

Online Access

Other agencies have probably promised several times that you will be able to "watch" your accounts being worked online. This is another example of overselling. While a few agencies have the ability to do this, even fewer follow through with their guarantees. With IRG's web-based technology, ClientConnect, you have the ability to log in and view your accounts in real-time, whether it be at the office, traveling, or at home. Simply log on, click on ClientConnect, and you are on your way. A log-in ID and a password will be included with every placement confirmation letter reminding you of this ability and providing the information necessary to view your accounts. We want you to track our progress, unencumbered, and encourage you to submit notes to the individual collectors if more information comes to light. There should be no walls between our work and our clients. IRG built this system on that premise. Clients pay for our services and should be witness to our success and hard work.