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Free 10-Day Demand Letter

As a rule, most companies use some form of a final demand letter. Often times these letters are sent and received with little impact, as the debtor has already received multiple statements and initial copies of the invoices that are now past due.

By using our free 10 Day Demand Letter you can be guaranteed that your customer understands that, indeed, this is the final demand and if the balance is not paid in full, the account will be assigned to IRG for third-party collections. This last effort takes the decision to place the account out of your hands and in to the hands of your customer. If they choose to ignore your final attempt, the decision has been made for you. You can feel comfortable knowing that your customers received adequate warning and all measures have been taken, prior to placing the account for collections.

When using this service, please understand that the actual balance must be paid in full within the ten day window. A phone call to you that promises payment or one that is just a repeat of past dialogue will not save the account from third-party collections. On the 11th day, after your representative has followed up with you regarding any contacts and payments, the account will be placed with IRG for immediate collection activity. If the account has been paid within the allowed time frame, there is no charge to you and we will close our file.

Please click, below, to download a sample of an IRG Ten Day Demand Letter. For immediate action, call us today. To be effective, the Ten Day Demand Letter should only be used on accounts that are less than 180 days old. However, we may make an exception based upon the circumstances regarding any specific account. Please contact your IRG representative for details. This demand letter may not be used or duplicated without the expressed written consent of IRG. All demand letters must be sent by International Recovery Group.

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