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Remittance Policies

All funds recovered on our clients’ accounts are immediately put in to a trust where they clear the escrow process. Funds are remitted on the 20th of every month and include a detailed accounting of what was paid to IRG and what was paid to you.

Select your remittance

At IRG we recognize that every company accounts for money in a different way. You may choose from a "Net" remittance or a "Split" remittance program.

Net Remittance — This is the most commonly used and most popular format for our clients. Checks will arrive with a breakdown of what was paid directly to IRG and what was paid to you. The detailed accounting will break down the fees and "net" the difference in the form of a check that reduces accounting expenses for our clients. In the event that more funds are received by you, an invoice would be generated with the same, detailed information.

Split Remittance — At some companies, deducting commissions from accounts paid directly to our clients wreaks havoc on the accounting system. In these cases, a separate invoice will be sent to you for the funds received directly from your debtors. In addition, you will receive a check from IRG with detailed information on the amount received and the deductions made for commissions.

You choose what is right for you.