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Placement Forms - Place An Account For Collections Today

In addition to being able to place online via our ClientConnect technology, we have also provided
you with two interactive placement forms for your convenience. Both of these forms may be downloaded
and saved to your computer for future use. To complete, simply open the file and type in the appropriate
information on your computer. Once done, you may save the file and email it to us or print and fax.
It's that easy. At IRG, we are constantly improving our processes and becoming the best collection agency possible.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Excel Worksheet placement forms are provided below. Please choose
what best suits your needs and start placing accounts today. When completed, simply e-mail, fax or mail your placement using the information provided on the top of each form. Alternatively, you may use our online form and send your details without the need for either of these forms by completing this form.