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Complete List of Industries Served

As a global leader in collections, IRG finds itself working with a multitude of businesses in almost every industry. Rather than compile a long list of clientele, we have provided the general industries in which IRG is able to operate and collect. Your collection agency should have the resources and experience to collect for a wide range of businesses. Commercial collection agencies must adapt and grow with their clients.

As collection agencies are reviewed, International Recovery Group remains highly rated for our flexibility and ability to diversify and meet our clients' needs. Reviews are complementing, but what matters to us is our clients.

Aerospace & Defense Energy & Utilities
Aerospace & Defense Maintenance & Service Alternative Energy Sources
Aerospace Defense Parts Distribution Electric Utilities
Aerospace & Defense Parts Manufacturing Electric Power Distribution, Electric Power Transmission,
Aircraft Leasing Fossil Fuel Power Generation
Aircraft Manufacturing
Energy Trading & Marketing
Commercial & Military Energy Exchanges, Retail Energy Marketing, Wholesale
Military Ship & Submarine Manufacturing
Energy Trading & Marketing
Weaponry & Related Product Manufacturing Independent/Merchant Power Production
  Natural Gas Utilities
Agriculture Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
Agricultural Support Activities & Products Oil & Gas Exploration Services, Oil & Gas Field
Livestock, Agricultural & Exotica Animal Feed & Services Equipment, Oil & Gas Field Services, Oil & Gas Well
Drilling, Royalty Trusts
Animal Production Oil & Gas Refining, Marketing & Distribution
Crop Production Fuel Oil Dealers, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealers,
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Production, Grains & Oilseeds Petroleum & Petroleum Products Wholesalers,
Petroleum Bulk Stations & Terminals, Petroleum Refining
  Oil & Gas Transportation & Storage
Automotive & Transport Crude Petroleum Pipelines, Natural Gas Gathering &
Auto Manufacturing Processing Systems, Natural Gas Pipelines, Refined
Auto Parts Manufacturing Petroleum Pipelines
Commercial Shipbuilding & Related Services Utility Services
Container Leasing Water Utilities
Motorcycle & Other Small Engine Vehicle Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment, Water Distribution
Pleasure Boat Manufacturing Financial Services
Rail & Trucking Equipment Manufacturing Accounting
Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Asset Management
Truck Leasing Electronic Communications Networks
Truck, Bus, & Other Vehicle Manufacturing Financial Services Regulatory Agencies
  Investment Banking
Banking Investment Firms
Automated Teller Machine Operators Lending
Workouts Agricultural, Auto, Cash, Commercial, Commercial Real
Sub-Prime Lending Estate & Construction Lending, Credit Cards,
Asset Based Lending Infrastructure Financing, Mortgage Banking & Related
  Services, Small Business Lending
Beverages Outsourced Financial Products & Services Marketing
Alcoholic Beverages Securities Brokers & Traders
Brewers, Distillers & Winemakers Stock Exchanges
Bottling & Distribution Transaction Processing & Settlement
Nonalcoholic Beverages  
Carbonated Beverages, Coffee & Tea, Energy or Sports or Food
Health & Nutritional Drinks, Juice, Water & Ice Candy & Confections
  Canned & Frozen Foods
Business Services Canned & Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
Advertising & Marketing Dairy Products
Advertising Agencies, Direct Marketing Services, Market Edible Oils
Research Services, Public Relations, Sales Promotion & Fish & Seafood
Specialized Marketing Services, Trade Show Exhibition, Flavorings, Spices & Other Ingredients
Event Planning & Related Support Food Service
Auctions Food Service Suppliers, Prepared Meals & Concessions
Coffee & Water Beverage Services Suppliers
Commercial Cleaning & Facilities Management Services Food Wholesale Distributors
Fresh Produce & Specialty Food Distributors
Commercial Printing Fresh Prepared Foods
Copy Centers & Online Printing Services, Label & Grains
Packaging Printers Bakery Products, Milled Grains & Flours & Baking Mixes
Consulting Packaged Cookies & Crackers, Pastas & Cereals
Human Resources & Staffing Consulting, Web Consulting Meat Products
Information & Records Management Services Sauces & Condiments
Legal Services Snack Foods
Staffing Sugar & Sweeteners
Accounting & Finance Staffing, Executive Search, Health  
Care Staffing, Information Technology (IT) & Other Health Care
Technology Staffing, Online Staffing & Recruitment Health Care Products
Services, Outsourced Human Resources Services Medical Devices, Medical Equipment & Suppliers, Medical
Technical & Scientific Research Services Products Distribution
Uniform Rental & Laundry Services Health Care Services
  Health Care Plans, Home Health Care, Hospitals, Medical
Chemicals Laboratories & Research, Medical Practice Management &
Agricultural Chemicals Services, Prescription Benefits Management
Basic and Intermediate Chemical & Petrochemical Mfg.  
Chemical Distribution Industrial Manufacturing
Paints, Coatings & Other Finishing Product Manufacturing Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
Plastic & Fiber Manufacturing Construction, Mining Other Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Fluid Control Equipment, Pump, Seal & Valve Manufacturing
  Food Service & Food Retail Equipment Manufacturing
Computer Hardware Glass & Clay Product Manufacturing
Computer Networking Equipment Hardware & Fastener Manufacturer
Network Access & Communication Devices, Routing & Industrial Automation & Control Products Manufacturing
Switching Equipment, Storage Networking Equipment, Industrial Contract Manufacturing
Wireless Networking Equipment Industrial Equipment Leasing
Computer Peripherals Industrial Machinery & Equipment Distribution
Computer Displays & Projectors, Computer Input Devices Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing
& Speakers, Personal Storage Drives & Media, Printing Lighting & Other Fixture Manufacturing
& Imaging Equipment Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing
Handheld Computers & Accessories Metal Fabrication Packaging & Container Manufacturing
Mass Storage Systems Rubber & Plastic Product Manufacturing
Magnetic Disk Storage, Optical Disk & Magnetic Tape Tire Manufacturing
Storage Textile Manufacturing
Personal Computers Wire & Cable Manufacturing
Servers & Mainframes  
Specialized Computer Systems Insurance
ATMs & Other Self-Service Terminals Manufacturing, Credit Insurance
Industrial & Military Computer Systems, Point-Of-Sale & Insurance Brokers
Electronic Retail Systems Property & Casualty Insurance
Supercomputers Accident & Health Insurance, Auto & Other Vehicle
Workstations & Thin Clients Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Liability Insurance,
  Workers' Compensation, Subrogation, Audit Premiums & Deductibles
Computer Services Reinsurance
Application Service Providers Risk Management
Computer Products Distribution & Support Surety Insurance
Information Technology Services
Technology Leasing
Title Insurance
Computer Software Leisure
Accounting & Finance Software Entertainment
Asset Management Software Gambling
Billing & Service Provisioning Software Gambling Resorts & Casinos, Gaming Equipment &
Business Intelligence Software Services
Collaborative Software Lodging
Content & Document Management Software  
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Media
Marketing & Sales Software Film & Video
Database & File Management Software Audiovisual Equipment Rentals, Sales & Services, CD,
CD-ROM & DVD Manufacturing & Distribution, Motion
Development Tools, Operating Systems & Utilities Software Picture Equipment, Motion Picture Production & Dist.
E-commerce Software Information Collection & Delivery
Education & Training Software Internet Content Providers
Engineering, Scientific & CAD/CAM Software Internet Searching Services & Portals
Enterprise Application Integration Software Music
Enterprise Resource Planning Software Publishing
Entertainment & Games Software Book Publishing, Directories & Yellow Pages Publishers,
Financial Services, Legal & Government Software Greeting Cards, Newspaper Publishing, Periodicals or
Health Care Management Software Magazine Publishing, Trading Cards & Comic Books
Human Resources & Workforce Management Software Radio Broadcasting & Programming
Manufacturing, Warehousing & Industrial Software Television
Television Cable, Pay & Broadcast Networks, Television
Production & Distribution, Television Station Groups
Messaging, Conferencing & Communications Software  
Multimedia, Graphics & Publishing Software Metals & Mining
Networking & Connectivity Software Aluminum Production
Retail, Point-Of-Sale & Inventory Management Software Coal Mining & Processing
Security Software Copper Mining & Processing
Storage & Systems Management Software Diamond & Other Precious Stone Mining
Supply Chain Management & Logistics Software Industrial Metals & Minerals
Wireless Software Metal Brokers
  Metals Distribution
Construction Precious Metals Mining & Processing
Construction & Design Services Specialty & Exotic Materials
Architectural & Engineering Services, Commercial Steel Production
& Heavy Construction, Manufactured Buildings, Specialty Contracting Steel Service Centers
Construction Materials  
Aggregates, Concrete & Cement, Lumber, Wood & Pharmaceuticals
Production & Timber Operations, Plumbing & Biotechnology
HVAC Equipment Biopharmaceuticals & Biotherapeutics, Biotechnology
  Research Equipment, Biotechnology Research Services
Consumer Products Manufacturers Pharmaceuticals Distribution & Wholesale
Apparel Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers
Accessories, Children's Clothing, Footwear, Intimate Diagnostic Substances, Drug Delivery Systems,
Apparel, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing Generic Drugs, Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications, Vitamins, Nutritionals & Other Health-Related Products
Baby Supplies & Accessories  
Cleaning Products Real Estate
Consumer Electronics Commercial Property Investment
Audio Equipment, Electronic Gaming Products, Video Commercial Property Management
Equipment Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Eyewear Manufacturers Commercial Real Estate Development
Hand Tools, Power Tools, Lawn & Garden Equipment  
Home Furniture Security Products & Services
Ready-to-Assemble Furniture Security Products
Housewares Integrated Security Systems, Protective Equipment,
Collectibles. Giftware & Commemorative Products, Security & Monitoring Equipment
Dinnerware, Cookware, Flatware, Knives & Cutlery Security Services
Home Storage & Organizational Products Armored Vehicle Services, Security Guard Services,
Jewelry & Watch Manufacturing Surveillance, Investigation & Security Consulting
Mattress & Bed Manufacturers Telecommunications Equipment
Musical Equipment Satellite & Broadcast Network Equipment
Musical Instruments, Sound & Lighting Equipment Telecommunications Equipment Distribution & Support
Office & Business Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Wireless Telecommunications Equipment
Office, School & Art Supplies Wireless Broadband Service Equipment, Wireless
Personal Care Products Switching & Transmission Equipment, Wireless Telephone Handsets
Cosmetics & Skin Care, Fragrance Wireline Telecommunications Equipment
Pet Products Copper Wire Switching & Transmission Equipment,
Photographic & Optical Equipment/Supplies Manufacturers Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment, Optical
Sporting Goods & Equipment Switching & Transmission Equipment, Videoconferencing
Athletic/Outdoor Gear & Apparel, Bicycles & Accessories, Equipment
Firearms & Accessories, Fitness & Golf Equipment  
Tobacco Telecommunications Services
Cigarettes, Cigars & Smokeless Tobacco Products, Cable & Satellite Services
Tobacco Accessories, Tobacco Brokers & Distributors Cable TV System Operators, Direct Broadcast Services
Toys & Games Providers, Satellite System Operators
Window Coverings & Wall Coverings Data Services
  Data Network Operators, Internet & Online Services
Electronics Providers, Managed Network Services
Communications Testing Equipment Fixed-line Voice Services Providers
Contract Electronics Manufacturing Local Exchange Carriers, Long-distance Carriers,
Electrical Products Telecommunications Resellers
Electrical Products Distribution, Motors, Motor Drives & Messaging Services Providers
Related Products, Power Generation & Storage, Switches, Telecommunications Infrastructure Development
Connectors & Keypads, Transformers & Power Conversion Teleconferencing Services Providers
Electronic Components Telemetry & Telematics Services Providers
Display Components, Electronic Component Distribution Wireless Communications Services
& Support, Electronic Connectors, Optical Switching & Wireless Network Operators, Wireless Communications
Transmission Components, Wireless Communications Resellers
Electronic Inspection & Monitoring Instruments Transportation Services
Electronic Test & Measurement Instruments Air Cargo Services
Scientific & Technical Instruments Air Traffic Control Services
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Airlines
Semiconductors Airport Management Services
Analog Chips, Audio Chips & Boards, Communications Bus Services
Chips, Design, Foundry & Packaging Services, Discrete Charter & Other Nonscheduled Airplane Passenger Services
& Passive Components, Graphics & Video Chips & Boards Express Delivery Services
Logic Devices, Memory Chips & Modules, Microprocessors, Freight Forwarding Services
Microcontrollers, & DSPs, Networking Chips, Sensor Helicopter Services
Chips Logistics Services
  Supply Chain Management Services, Warehousing &
Environmental Services & Equipment Distribution Services
Hazardous Waste Services Marine Shipping
Remediation & Environmental Cleanup Services Deep Sea Shipping, Inland Shipping
Solid Waste Services & Recycling Port, Harbor & Marine Terminal Management
  Rail Infrastructure Management Services
  Commuter Railroads, Freight Railroads
  Toll Management Services
  Less-Than-Truckload Carriers, Moving & Storage Services,
  Specialty Trucking, Truckload Carriers