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Founder's Message

Through many years of working for the largest collection agencies in the world, we have come to fully understand the exact needs and concerns of our clients. We have seen where other agencies have faltered and this is our answer to those inequities. The International Recovery Group (IRG) approach couples experience with client-focused programs.

By removing the walls between our work and our clients, we have created a system that is transparent for the purpose of accountability. Our clients are able to view, track and correspond with collectors via our ClientConnect technology. This eliminates the guess work typically associated with client communication and guarantees a level of trust and accountability, unparalleled.

IRG recognizes the continued globalization of business today. International clients are often an integral part of your accounts receivables equation. With this in mind, IRG has hand-picked an elite team of collection professionals representing years of experience in international negotiations. Our multi-lingual team understands the varieties of cultures, dialects and customs necessary to elicit success around the globe.

We understand that a business is only as good as the foundation that it is built upon. Therefore we have assembled a team of both Sales and Collections that is composed of successful experience in the industry and personal integrity. IRG’s zero-tolerance, drug-free workplace is our insurance to you that you will only be represented by the highest of professionals.

So, why IRG? The IRG difference is founded upon the idea that many agencies have faltered in the essential aspects necessary to success. We have built a web-based system that brings accountability and communication back into focus. Our staff is highly seasoned and self-motivated. We demand rigorous professionalism in our team and our operations. It is a firm constructed on the idea that the client is an integral part of the collection process. We believe that our experience and that focus will ensure the highest rate of return for our clients. To find the best collection agency, you need to search. Your search for the most effective collection agency stops today.