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Executive Team

Troy D. Hally — CEO/Vice-President of Recovery

Mr. Hally epitomizes the strength and guidance necessary to successfully implement and manage a recovery group that is task-oriented and goal-driven. He brings 25 years of industry experience and a track record that is unparalleled. Prior to founding IRG, Mr. Hally held various positions from Training Manager to Vice-President of Recovery at some very large financial institutions, credit card companies and two of the largest collection agencies in the world. He is well-rounded as a collector and brings management qualities that ensure effective and immediate results on all collection accounts. Although he is experienced in all areas of debt recovery, commercial transactions is his area of expertise. Mr. Hally firmly believes that personal ethics and moral responsibility should translate, seamlessly, to the business environment. By this virtue, he has been able to recruit not only the top professionals in the field, but those that share his same beliefs. This core team of accomplished, licensed collectors is the reason why IRG is able to convert such a large volume of our clients' receivables so rapidly.

Mr. Hally has earned the respect of his industry peers and has positioned himself as the example to be emulated. Honest and devoted, Mr. Hally creates an atmosphere that represents IRG's clients professionally, with the highest level of integrity, at all times.

Jason L. Warren — President/Vice-President of Sales

Mr. Warren offers nearly 25 years of experience in the commercial collection industry where he has streamlined and implemented extremely successful and mutually benefiical business relationships. Prior to founding IRG, Mr. Warren held the titles of Director of Sales and Vice-President of Sales at the two largest commercial collection agencies in the world. In 1995 he was recruited and ultimately hired by Milliken & Michaels who, at the time, was the largest commercial collection agency in the world. As Vice-President of Sales, Mr. Warren saw the company double in size over a three year period after being sold to H.I.G. Investment Group. Mr. Warren held this position until 1999 when Milliken & Michaels was ultimately sold to NCO Group and began to operate under it's newly created commercial division, NCO Financial Systems, Inc. With the addition of the Milliken & Michaels commerical portfolio, NCO became an industry powerhouse and the largest collection agency in the world. As Director of Sales at NCO, Mr. Warren continued to set and surpass revenue records year-over-year. Seeing an opportunity to fulfill client needs that were not being met while continuing to develop an integrity based and results-driven collections platform, Mr. Warren launched International Recovery Group.

With this Curriculum Vitae, he has hand-picked a veteran group of sales and marketing professionals that are held to the highest levels of integrity. He enables International Recovery Group to go beyond the development of standard credit policies and in-house collection procedures that our clients have come to rely on. He accomplishes his goals simply by not being complacent or accepting of the industry norm. Inward looking and forward thinking, Mr. Warren feels that there is always room for improvement and is constantly evaluating IRG's methodology while continuing to invest in the latest technology to ensure IRG's clients receive the absolute highest levels of service and results unsurpassed. It is this type of vision that allows IRG and our clients to always be one step ahead of the industry. He is an integral part of the company's success and is unwavering in his devotion to IRG's clients and their changing needs. Insistent on keeping in touch with IRG's clientele, Mr. Warren continues to work directly with our clients and can still be seen making sales calls as he continues to develop our growing salesforce.

Mr. Warren strongly avows the importance of a positive, drug-free work environment in which employees are held accountable for utmost professionalism at all times. He has implemented a stringent, family-friendly policy that has reformed the industry norm and should be used as a model to which all collection agencies should adhere.